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11月Toy Boat Project

今回は、私たちが地方会のために日本に帰国していたので、ペナンACSのCindyとSibuアガペセンターのKee WeiがKapitに行って、ロングハウスを訪問してくれました。



Flight from Penang to Kuching 7.10am.  Arrived at Kuching 9:05am.

Flight to Sibu from Kuching 5.40pm . Arrived  at Sibu 6.20pm.  Met Kee Wei.

Took 9.30am ferry from Sibu to Kapit (RM 25.00). Arrived Kapit at 12.20pm. Met by Anthony & Moonly at jetty.

Had lunch with them & checked into the 3-storey shop house.



2 special needs children stays in the long house, never seen before. Starts journey at 2.45pm arrived at 3.55pm.

(1 hour 10minutes boat ride) with Anthony, Bee Eng, Kee Wei, Boatman & Cindy.  Did not see them, as both of them not at home.

Only manage to get some information from mother.

Ø  Name: Albis anak Maning

Ø  Age: 14 years

Ø  Gender:  Male

Ø  Down Syndrome.

Ø  No speech yet. Only eats soft food like porridge, roti.

Albis & his brother follows his father to Bintulu for school holiday, as his father is working at Bintulu.

Could not get any information from another child. As the family is not in, follow father to Sibu.

Leave long house at 5pm. Reached Kapit at 6pm. Rest, shower. Dinner with Anthony, moonly, Dr Sia & wife.



Start journey at 9.30am to long house Entagai visit to the siblings, Josephine (sister) & Micky (brother).

Arrived long house 10.20 am. Water raise very high, boat can go through the small river direct to the long house,10 minute ride along small the river.

Play with the brother Micky. He is a very shy boy, but enjoys looking at his sister playing. His only toy is rice cooker pot. Tried to approach him with toys, but he is not interested. Interested at small windup toy truck, by looking at the truck when it moves.

He has fits for 3-5 seconds but later he is back as usual holding his rice pot.

Spend time with the sister, likes to play with musical toys. She likes the mini manual fan brought by Cindy.Josephine sits on DIY wheel chair made by father. She enjoys being push around along the corridor. Played keeping ball into basket,played people game ( kicking cindy with leg). Her right hand is stronger than her left hand, both legs are strong.

*Suggestion from Kee Wei, Josephine’s wheelchair, can put a table top for her to do things

f she needed to. Purpose of the table top is she can look at the things or food or toys she is playing with.



Have to leave long house early because it’s cloudy & almost going to rain to avoid the rain. Leave long house at 1.10pm arrived Kapit at 2.10pm.

Breakfast, cleared house, pass key to Moonly then depart Kapit on 12.30pm ferry. Two and half hour journey back to Sibu. Depart from Sibu to Kuching to Penang.