Muhhibah Daycenter and Iban Longhouse people When I came the first day to the Muhhibah daycenter, and because of daily moments like shifting a child from the car into the wheelchair, taking care for each other, I couldn’t make sure whom to considere as member and whom as staff?
And I realised, it’s not the first priority to find out. Everybody is able to do something and to use ones skills.
Weaving, dancing, playing instruments, taking care or making jokes.
Everything has a value and quality.
I was surprised about the smiling and enjoying people around me and their responsibility to help and support each other as much as possible. Muhhibah members self confidence, their smile and open heart impressed me a lot.
As staff, to reach this understanding level, it looks like a long training behind and need of discussions before.
I´m really impressed, how respectful they treat each other. I realised again, it´s not important WHAT we, it is the way HOW we do it.
And, me as a teacher, I hope in challenging moments will remeber them and their strength as good examples.
(..Don´t hesitate, be “Jenny”..:))
I’m glad to know the muhhibahs staff, and many other helpers behind, working together, to make muhhibah daycenter possible. During the week I only got an Idea about the Iban culture, muhhibah day center and their daily life, things they enjoy and challenges they have.
It was a pleasure to meet Michael and the other longhouse people! Iban are very peaceful and friendly. And they do live side by side on a social and democratic base.
They made me curoius to understand their culture more and more, because I think we can learn a lot from their life wisdom!

Before I came to Mr. Kens Longhouse and to his volunteerproject, I couldn´t really imagine, what expects me there.
I remember on my arrival, when I was sitting in a taxi and some friendly people knocked on my window, they turned out as Mr. Kens wife Kasuyo and volunteers like me.
From the first moment I really felt welcome and I knew a quite interesting and very understanding time will start for me.
And despite of challenges like different languages, we shared a wonderful time togehter.
I remeber despite of the hard job we had to dull fill, mixing cement under the hot sun, it was fun time.
First I was wondering how can so many people work togehter with only few tools. But than I realised, that everybody is working on his hown tempo.
Everybody is responsible for him self. So part of the group was working and using the tools, while others took a break.
The delicious barbeque afterwards was a eciting event. And for my self it was te first time I ate snake..uuh;) And besides working and taking every meal together, we swim in the river and spent time with hanging out afterwards together, I really enjoyed and appreciate the daily discussions in the evening we had as well.
And I was surprised about the similar way of talking and having discussions about certain topics, like with my friends during my teacher training.
I was surprised about the honest and so opened personal questions we talked about. I could´n imagine, that those openminded and honest people considered them self as shy persons. It was a very warm and and heart opening experience, and there I felt was not necessary to hide ourselfes anymore.
I think the balance of different people, in different age, from different places, with a warm intention created this harmonic atmosphere, where everybody could join and grow with.

Thank you guys for the wonderful time we shared and the culturale exchange we had.
This group of wonderful people made me curious to know more about Japan, the history, culture and the people itself.
I hope one day can meet you in Japan again!
Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to teach you “Slow walzer”, I hope you take as good note away:) I´m so glad and only thankful that I could be part of your group!
And I can only repeat:
I´m really blessed, that I met the right people on the right place at the right time.
Thank you Ken and Kasuyo, you made it possible!

And thank you Hideki to help with translation!














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